Make great coffee drinks at home

Espresso Forza Traditional

Traditional Latte

The Perfect Cafe Au Lait
* Mix equal parts of your favorite Cordoba Coffee Dark roasted coffee:
(Viennese Roast, French Mocha, Cordoba Espresso) and mix with an equal serving of your favourite milk,
(served steaming hot).
* Sweeten to taste
* lf desired serve with cinnamon or chocolate shavings.
A toasty warm treat on a cold winter day!

The Tiramisu Americano:

Espresso Forza Tiramisu Americano

The Tiramisu Americano

1.Brewing Cordoba’s Espresso Forza Tiramisu (can be brewed in either a Bialetti Espresso Maker or any automatic Espresso Machine) For a 8oz cup, you will need 4oz of coffee or 2 double shots.
2.Pour into a 8oz serving cup.
3.Pour approx. 4oz. Of boiling water
5.Top with brown sugar.


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